This machine is used for brushing, cleaning, and also prewashing root vegetables.

The vegetable processing occurs in a drum containing cylindrical brushes which are sprayed with pure water from the water supply network. The machine occupies a small space and can be placed directly behind the drum washer, or at the expense of lower capacity, can be used as an alternative to the cleaning machines.

The machine is equipped with an inverter for smooth adjustment of the rotational speed of brushes. There are two versions available:  the 7-brush is designed for washing round vegetables: celery, beets, etc. and the 9-brush is recommended for washing parsley, carrots etc. In both models the brush’s active length is the same.

The panel is equipped with a special lock that prevents the protective covers from being opened automatically. The brush washer is equipped with four pieces of adjustable feet / legs that allow you to adjust the machine’s height and alignment.