A colloidal mill is provided for grinding, dispersing / emulsifying and homogenizing various products in the production of pastes, creams, suspensions and powders.

This is an ideal solution for continuous grinding and production of a finished pasty product of various viscosities, which does not require additional or preliminary processing!

The basic version of the colloid mill is a high-speed electric motor on a supporting structure, on the shaft of which a rotor with a cooling stator of a special shape is installed, equipped with a plastic cone for loading and a pipe for unloading the product.

The stator is cooled by an aluminum heat exchanger to distribute forced cooling. The advantage of the new model is the labyrinth seal, which does not require replacement during the entire service-life of the equipment!

The principle of colloidal grinding is a targeted effect on the product, which allows you to get particles of colloidal size (fractions of a micrometer).

The new colloid mill model is equipped with a high-precision four-point grinding setting, which allows for high processing efficiency and the selection of the required grinding size for each specific product.