Vibration fluidized bed dryer (fluid bed dryer), allows processing / dry almost all kinds of materials and products in all industries.

Fluid bed dryer is a universal device for drying granules, sand, gravel, salt, pasty materials and similar materials for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and other related industries.

Vibration fluidized bed is characterized by high performance with optimum energy utilization. Vibration prevents the laminate and the formation of craters.

Fluid bed dryer utilizes hot air flow to make the materials suspended into fluidized a state and dry them quickly, water exhausted with air flow after evaporation.

Input material for drying in the dryer is fed from the feeder and with the power of vibration is continuously moving forward in a horizontal stream. The hot air is blown upwardly through the fluidization grid, which is located on the product that is heated and removes the moisture. The dried product is discharged out of the dryer. The temperature could be strictly controlled during drying to assure the quality of material after drying.