GD Process Design was established in 2008 by Lars K. Nielsen. Since its foundation, the business has grown rapidly and is now a provider of a wide range of high quality food processing equipment. We engineer and supply a full program of tempering units for product pre-cooling, pre-heating, pasteurization, and crystallization. Our company started with a focus on service and supply for the fats and oils industry, and has now grown to include a variety of other food applications and processes.


GD Process Design has partnered with some of the world leaders in process and packaging equipment, and our expertise and knowledge make us the perfect project engineering and management partner for your expansion or new line projects. All design & engineering, installation, fabrication, on-site service, equipment, & supplies are carried out by highly skilled engineers and technicians.


Our partner companies are:




Gerstenberg Services A/S has specialized in manufacturing of upgraded spare parts for Perfector equipment. They also offer high pressure pluger pump, scraped surface heat exchanger and pin rotor machines for the process of high quality margarines.






GD Process Design has partnered with Normit in Slovakia to widen our offerings and be able to supply more markets. Specializing in vacuum production, Normit supplies many different markets including cosmetics, oils and fats, honey, confections, snack foods, and more.



Specializing in the oils and fats industry, FH Scandinox is a provider of high quality processing equipment for the shortening and margarine industry. Along with oils and fats, FH Scandinox also is a known provider in the Brewery Equipment Industry offering both Pilot and Large scale solutions.


Since 1987, FBF ITALIA has designed and manufactured high pressure homogenizers and positive displacement piston pumps. Their leadership and industry expertise are proven by a worldwide presence. FBF successfully serves over 125 countries through 23 authorized service and sales centers. FBF’s customer commitment is further supported by the wear resistance of their components, and an effective service program.


At GD Process Design we have many years of experience in supporting customers’ requirements for automation, food safety, process sustainability, equipment quality, and flexibility.

We value our customers. Our ultimate focus is customer service and we strive to work closely with you and your business to achieve only the very best solutions to your needs.

We oversee all aspects of the process design, equipment manufacturing, testing, delivery and installation. We support during the start-up and commissioning and further assist the training of your personnel.

We support our customers with a comprehensive in-stock parts inventory for quick turn-around of required wear and tear parts.

Our highly experienced engineers know how to support your business goals for improved process and our flexibility allows us to create the exact product/process of your choice.

Contacting us is only the first step of the process.