The GM 250 mini reworker is the smallest model in the Normit butter homogenizing line and is intended for grinding and homogenizing of previously defrosted blocks of butter and margarine in packaging lines and other types of processing.

The GM-mini model 250 is supplied with a rotor homogenizer at the area where butter is discharged, intended for application in packaging systems. When using the equipment as an extruder/ reworker, a rotor homogenizer does not have to be installed.
Optionally, if there is a need for including additional ingredients and for efficient mixing
of butter, margarine or other fats with salt, herbs, and other components, the equipment is supplied with a recirculating loop. The product is circulated intensively between the receiving hopper and the processing area by means of screw conveyors. After the necessary level of homogenenity has been reached, the device switches to discharge mode.