Introducing The New Normit Colloid Mill



The new generation of the universal homogenization device NK YUMIX . Our company presents a new version of the homogenization device based on the improved INLINE homogenizer – YUMIX disperser with double mechanical seal. The multi functionality of the device allows its use for dispersion, homogenization, and crushing of coarse particles and fatty compounds.

Designed for the production of highly dispersed multi component stable suspensions and emulsions of difficult-to-mix liquids and sparingly soluble media based on the principle of ultrasonic rotary cavitation in industries such as food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and many others.

This improved design has the ability to regulate the gap between the rotor and the stator, the value of which can be set from 2 mm to conditional zero. The rotor speed can be set to achieve the desired level of particle dispersion (optional equipment option). Multi-stage rotor and stator knives with the ability to set a high-speed operating system, as well as the ability to adjust the gap, significantly expand the range and quality of grinding of liquid and sparingly soluble media.

A special feature of the new generation inline homogenizer is the dual cooling system: the unit is equipped with a special aluminum heat exchanger for the distribution of forced and natural cooling and also allows the connection of an external cooling source to the cooling system.
The use of de-mineralized water at operating temperatures up to 100 degrees, and ethylene glycol at operating temperatures above 100 ° C, is recommended.

The new model is designed for the possibility of processing various products with an operating temperature of up to 140 ° C, for a short time – up to 180 ° C.

The homogenizer has special Viton seals, which are resistant to aggressive environments and temperatures from -15 ° C / + 200 ° C.
The basic version consists of a high-speed electric motor on a supporting structure, on the shaft of which is a rotor with a stator with 10 knife stages, double mechanical seal, adjustment system between rotor and stator, two-level cooling system, filling and draining pipes.


  • frequency converter for setting the rotation speed in a design with direct installation without the need for an electrical box (independent control panel)
  • conical stainless steel hopper on the supporting structure,
  • auger / other types of feeders and dispensers for continuous feeding from the hopper,
  • circulating pump with piping,
  • chiller with cooling system and much more.

Pricing for this unit starts at $6,350.-

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