We are proud to announce two additions to our inventory of crystallization equipment ready for refurbishment. The first is a (2+2) x 92R Perfector. This 4 tube machine has nominal capacity of 20,000 lbs/hr of shortening when all cylinders are ran in series. Since it utilizes two separate cooling systems, the machine can also be split to run two separate processing lines, each at 10,000 lbs/hr with shortening. If you are interested in this unit as a standalone upgrade to your process, or perhaps a complete processing line utilizing this refurbished machine with other new and refurbished equipment please let us know through the contact forms on our website.

The second new addition to our stock is a complete pilot plant system. This refurbished pilot plant system comes complete with Freon Compressor, Emulsion Tanks, High Pressure Pump, 2x ø57 SSHE’s, 1-2-3 Ltr Pin Rotor machine, Homogenizing valve, Resting Tube, and a complete automated control system. This pilot plant is delivered as a plug and play system with everything needed to run small scale production tests!


Every refurbished machine from GD Process Design is rebuilt and inspected in our warehouse in Hartland Wisconsin. After refurbishment, each machine is shipped with a new machine warranty.



We look forward to working together on your next project!