The FH SCANDINOX valve matrix solution has applications in the entire dairy- food, and beverage processing industry.

Our valve matrixes are the optimal state-of-the-art solution for the liquid media flow in fully-automatic dairy and food processing plants. Manifold flow can thus be realized in a clearly arranged form in a relatively small area. Our valve matrixes are individually developed by our engineering department, suitable for the respective processes meeting the customers’ exact requirements. The matrix design is an automated alternative to the flexible hoses and the flow divert splitters with changeover bends. In most of our installations we make use of mixproof valves. The valve matrixes apply to various lines, and allow cleaning of one tank while the other is being filled or emptied preventing any risk of product contamination.

The FH SCANDINOX valve matrixes can be fully pre-manufactured and tested in the workshop prior to delivery. Built on a stainless steel frame with appurtenant valve and instrumentation including drip tray – electrically and pneumatically wired to a stainless steel connection panel. This will give a huge benefit when assembling on site due to very easy on site installation and also fast pipe connection to the existing pipe installation. All parts in contact with product are made from stainless steel AISI 316L.

The FH SCANDINOX welding procedure is according to FORCE Technology stainless steel purity and quality standards, and Orbital Welding is used wherever possible.