Atmospheric Mixing Unit with Inline Homogenizer:

The inline homogenizer is designed for emulsifying fluid and viscous materials in the chemical, cosmetic and food industry. It is based on the rotor/stator

The homogenizer is available with a hopper, built in on the top of the machine and recirculation loop, plus a discharge line for liquid and semiliquid materials.
Thanks to the unique design, the inline homogenizer provides perfect conditions for processing even immensely sensitive materials thanks to its product chamber (no dead zone or dirt traps) and its easy and efficient cleaning technology: The machine is used for the production of food such as ketchup, mayonnaise, dressings, lotions, creams, solutions and suspensions in the cosmetics industry. The wide range of available choices provides a high scope of flexibility.

Technology for superior product performance and hygiene.
High venting quality.
High efficiency.

GMP, aseptic design
Advance production chamber
CIP/SIP compatible